Spider-Man PS4 Review


One week on from its release, and I am still falling in love with this game. There are so many things I like, and maybe one or two things that I’m not too fond of. Read my review of Spider-Man for PS4 below.

The Good

Okaaay so I’m going to swing in with my favourite aspect of this game, which is the graphics. I’m glad they took the time to really develop the graphics, as you can see the hard work that went into the rendering. Even when you’re swinging through an obscure part of the city, you’ll get vivid texture in the graphics, and I live for it. I’m also a huge fan of the hidden treasures you can find around the city, including the failed marriage proposal and the LGTBQ Flag.

Another positive for me is the story. I haven’t completed the game yet, and I don’t want to spoil the narrative for anyone else who hasn’t played this game yet, but I can say it’s very well done. The plot shows Peter a few years on from discovering his powers, struggling to pay rent and keep up with his side job as Spider-Man. I like this, as it’s left his origin story aside so that villain’s backstories can be explained a bit more. For someone who isn’t into the comics, I really think this is a nice touch since Spidey’s origin has been done to death and, personally, I would really like to know the origins of more lesser known villains.

That isn’t to say the die-hard fans won’t be pleased. There are so many easter eggs in this game that a lot of comic fans would enjoy. The same can also be said for fans of the Spidey/Avengers films, as Avengers Tower can be spotted amongst the New York timeline.

The Bad

Okay, so there are some things I’m not too keen on with this game. I feel like the side quests are very similar to Batman Arkham Knight. You take out Kingpin camps and explore your powers, very much in the same way you can do as Batman. Sounds familiar right? Also, the ability to scramble radio towers and find collectables just seems a bit redundant. Of course, these are entirely optional quests (which I am 100% completing since I can’t cope with unfinished quests), but still.

I don’t think that the bad points here outweigh the good at all, however. In fact, I’m nitpicking and I totally know that.

The Verdict

I recommend this game whether you’re new to gaming (I play on friendly mode to avoid instant death every 5 mins), a veteran, or someone who is just a Spidey fan looking to get their kicks. The story is enjoyable and the gameplay is stunning.



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