25 Badass Female Film Leads

Sarah Connor – Terminator


Although Sarah really comes into her own in the first instalment of the Terminator franchise, Terminator 2 is where she thrives. Escaping an institute, fighting terminators, and dressing the part, Linda Hamilton rocked this role, and with her being seen on the set of the latest film, I’m excited to see an older Hamilton reprising the role.

The Bride – Kill Bill


Beatrix Kiddo to her enemies, Uma Thurman makes this role her own in this film franchise. In Tarantino fashion, the film is quirky, violent and weird beyond belief. But that’s why we love it right? Wronged by her ex-lover and presumed dead, Beatrix decides to take revenge on the people who tried to murder her. Think yellow leather, samurai swords and intense fight scenes.

Ellen Ripley – Alien Franchise



After a crew of a commercial starship are awakened from cryo-sleep, they soon find that alien life has infiltrated the ship.¬†Terror ensues, and it’s up to Lieutenant Ellen Ripley to fight for the survival of herself and the rest of the crew. Think permed hair and tank tops for days.


Hermoine Granger – Harry Potter Franchise

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


Although Hermoine isn’t the main character in the series, she’s the main badass female throughout the narrative. She supports Harry and Ron throughout the films, and comes into her own during the last few instalments, facing up to Bellatrix Lestrange herself.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider


We all remember playing the tomb raider games when we were little. I was forever trying to lock the butler in the freezer… But I digress. Made into a film in 2000, Angelina Jolie rocked this role and 100% made me slightly gay.

Leeloo – The Fifth Element


As the only entity that can save the known universe, Leeloo is the quirky badass in The Fifth Element. Always remembered for her skimpy bandage gear, the character was actually efficient in skilled fighting and managed to saved the world (with the help of Bruce Willis, of course).

Selene – Underworld


I loved this film when I was younger, and I’ll never get over how badass Selene is in the first instalment of the Underworld franchise. A gorgeous rebel vampire with the ability to fight like a god? Yes.

Wanda Maximoff – The Avengers Franchise


Whenever people talk about The Avengers, many discussions are about how great Black Widow is (and she is, she features further down on this list) but hardly anyone mentions The Red Witch? She loses her brother, faces a public backlash, and has to kill her lover. She’s strong as hell, and if you don’t agree then get out.

Trinity – The Matrix


I swear there isn’t a theme of latex-clad beauties…But I had to add Trinity to this list. This bitch would jump buildings and take bullets for you, and if that isn’t good enough then I don’t know what is.

Elektra – Elektra


Long flowing hair and knife-wielding? Uh yeah, she’s a badass. This film was kinda panned when it was released, but I actually still think it’s a decent watch if you’re out of ideas.

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Franchise


This is a given, and she had to be added to this list. Taken from your family and friends in order to battle to the death with a bunch of randomers? Not cool. But she fights back and actually manages to bring down a huge regime. Nice.

Rey – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Rey was a slow burner for me. I thought her acting was wooden and really forced, but rewatching the film I kinda like her. She’s definitely badass and I love the fight scene between her and Kylo Ren at the climax of the film.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle – Batman Returns


After getting pushed from a top floor window and getting eaten by cats, you could say Selina Kyle escaped with minimal damage…Only a psychotic mentality and a need to dress up head to toe in black latex…

Buffy Summers – Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Before the show, there was the film. I’m more a fan of the TV reprise, but it’s undeniable that Buffy in the film was just as much of a badass as in the later TV Series. A girl, unbeknownst to her, has been chosen to slay vampires. But will her new life slot into her existing one? Definitely worth the watch if you haven’t seen it already. Also – bonus cameo of Pee-Wee Herman as a weird creepy vampire.

Peggy Carter – Captain America


Peggy made her debut in the Captain America franchise. However, she was so much of a badass that she was actually given her own show on the Fox network called Agent Carter.

Moana – Moana


Yes, she’s animated, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a huge independent leading lady. On a mission to find a demi-god and return the heart of Teffiti, Moana must save her tribe and the world from extinction…songs included.

Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad


I mean…Okay her character is slightly problematic and has severe mental issues, but there’s no denying that Harley Quinn can hold her own. For me, she stole the film, and it seems that way for a lot of cosplayers.

Black Widow – The Avengers Franchise


Black Widow came into the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Iron Man 2, and she hasn’t disappointed since. It’s sad that she didn’t get her own film, but I like that she’s included in more of the action in the most recent Avengers films.

Nina Sayers – Black Swan


Is Nina badass? YES. She fights for her role as the black swan, and honestly, her work ethic is to be admired. I mean yeah sure she’s having a mental breakdown during the entire film but…

Gracie Hart – Miss Congeniality


I don’t even need to explain this. An undercover cop in a beauty pageant? You should already be hooked.

Dylan, Natalie & Alex – Charlie’s Angels


You can’t have a badass females list without Charlie’s Angels. I’m talking about the 2000’s dream team of course. Think daring stunts, outfits to die for and a friendship that tops all others.

Diana Prince – Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman will always be a strong as HECK female lead, and the latest live-action film also solidifies this. With such a success at the box office on its opening weekend, it’s no surprise that they’re in the middle of making another film in the franchise.

Angela Bennet – The Net


Crazy mad computer skills? Check. Hacker potential? Check. Luscious flowing hair? Check. Bullock KILLS it in this role, and if you want to see some classic woman revenge, this is the film to watch.

Laura Burney – Sleeping with the Enemy


If you haven’t seen this film, it’s worth the watch. Laura (Julia Roberts) escapes her abusive husband by learning how to swim and faking her own death. This character is brave beyond belief, and it’s a lovely film to watch overall.

Hanna – Hanna


Brought up in the wild, Hanna is a child killer like no other and must face an assassination mission on her own in the big wide world. Saorsie Ronan kills this role and you should 100% watch it!

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