Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

I got to see this gem of a film at the weekend, and it’s filled with action, suspense, and a great plot!

Bigger and Better


Honestly, for me, this franchise goes from strength the strength. Every film has had something in it that makes my palms sweat and my anxiety fly through the roof. These scenes have only improved, and this film had me sweating from the start. From helicopter chases to skydiving in a storm, this film is pretty much non stop from the word go, but that’s what makes it entertaining!

The Plot

The plot in Fallout does rely on your knowledge of the past few films, which is totally fine (seeing as though it’s the 6th instalment). The narrative brings in nuclear threat, a terrorist syndicate and some really immersive twists which hook you from the get-go. With a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s definitely worth watching this while you can.

The Stunts

Each film in this franchise tops the last, and it’s hard to see how they’re going to top the stunts pulled off in Fallout. I’m talking helicopter antics, car chases, building parkor, skydiving and rock cliff boss fighting. At one point I even covered my eyes it was that nerve wrecking. It easy to see how Cruise managed to break his foot when filming this film.

The Cast

In Fallout, we see the return of a majority of the Franchise cast members. Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and of course, Tom Cruise. On top form as usual, we see the team face emotional turmoil, breaking points and comradery (as usual).

The Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed this film – and I think it works well in the franchise. In terms of plot, I think it was coherent, and I didn’t have to think so much when watching (sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy something, you know?). Because of this, I’m giving this film…


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