5 Great Anime Titles to Watch on Netflix UK

If you’re new to Anime, browsing through the current titles on Netflix can be quite daunting. I used to watch Anime year ago, and I was so used to reading Manga that the transition into watching Anime was quite easy for me. However, if you’re new to Anime, finding the best titles to watch can be annoying. I won’t lie, there are some very weird titles out there at the moment. I think if you stumbled upon the wrong one, or one that doesn’t suit your tastes, you may brush all anime shows with the same brush. You may not like the options I’ve posted below, but these are my favourite titles on Netflix at the moment. My taste in Anime is usually very serious with sci-fi or mythological elements. I also love a bit of romance, so I’ve added titled mostly relating to this. If you’re after Anime shows that are a little more lighthearted and fun, I’ll be sure to make another post for you!

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul gif

Tokyo Ghoul is my absolute favourite Anime on Netflix at the moment. I haven’t seen the end of the second series yet, but I’ve watched a lot of it in the space of a week. The concept of this Anime is that ghouls live among humans. Each ghoul has a hunger for human flesh and must live in secret in order to avoid detection by the CCG, who hunt ghouls. There are some ghouls who swear off killing humans, and some who will do anything to eat. The narrative follows Kanecki, a young schoolboy who ends up becoming part-ghoul. Will he stay innocent? Or will Kanecki embrace his ghoulish side… It’s a good watch, especially if you’re wanting to get stuck into a great anime.

One Punch Man

one punhc man

Infused with humour, One Punch Man is great if you’re looking for some hardcore action, comedy, and a well made Anime. The narrative follows One Punch Man, who continuously saves the world from harmful bad guys. His only downfall? He’s too powerful. Nothing can match him, and only one punch seems to take down his foes. Bored with having no real match, One Punch Man ends up leading a boring existence, but will anyone turn up who can match his abilities?

Sword Art Online

sword art onlineBased in a Virtual Reality, Sword Art Online is the perfect beginner’s anime, in my opinion anyway. The plot is based around a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. In the game, users are trapped and must fight their way through the game in order to be freed. The only catch? The gamers are trapped, and if they die in the game, they die in real life. Why can’t they take the VR headsets off you ask? Well, doing that will also kill them. It’s a really good show, so if you’re wanting to get stuck into something, this is the Anime for you. Later series of the show aren’t on Netflix, however they can be found on the ~ deep web ~.

Neo Yokio

neo yokioAn American take on Anime style, Neo Yokio features Jaden Smith, Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, and other famous names throughout the cast. Based in the futuristic city of Neo Yokio, this anime features magicians, robots, witchcraft, demons and giant Toblerone to top it all off. This is a very easy going anime so I wouldn’t take it too seriously if you’re thinking of watching it. But it’s good for background entertainment for sure.

Death Note

death note gifWhenever I make an Anime list, I’m pretty sure that I will always add in Death Note where I can. This is a classic in my eyes, and it’s such a good watch. The show bases itself around the idea of Shinigami, gods of death who can kill at will thanks to their death note. This anime was recently made into a really awful live-action film on Netflix, and my advice is to avoid it like the plague. The anime is 100x better, and the Mango even more so. If you get the chance, watch this show – even if it’s just for the weird potato chip scene.












    1. I’m glad you liked it! I think I’ve seen it like 4 times at this point haha. If you like that I think you’ll really like Tokyo Ghoul, although the ending (as I found out last night) is slightly disappointing and ambigious!


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