Detroit: Become Human Game Review

This game has had some great success all over the world, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. If you love games such as Farenheit and Heavy Rain, then you’ll love what Detroit: Become Human has to offer.

The narrative follows 3 androids as they become “deviants”, disobeying their software and fighting for a better life in a society that will not accept them. Every decision you make in-game will decipher just where the narrative will take you, and there are around 40 different outcomes overall – meaning you’ll never play the same game twice.

Detroit: Become Human Gameplay

Throughout the game, you’ll be able to play as three androids, all with different narratives. Sometimes, you’ll interact with each other, but will you favor one narrative over the other? It’s up to you. The opening scene of this game is a cinematic masterpiece, and it even had my mum and dad sat with me whilst I played through. You’re introduced to Connor, an android sent by Cyberife (think cyberdyne systems 2.0) whose mission it is to save a young girl from a deviant android. You can choose to investigate the scene, pin pieces together as to why the android turned, and try and reason with him in order to save the little girl he’s dangling over the rooftop, or you can go all guns blazing and risk yourself. This is very much a taster of what’s to come, and gives you a feel for the game before throwing you into the thick of it. When me and my boyfriend first played through this scene, we immediately fell in love with the graphics, and needed to see the rest of the game.

The Androids in Detroit: Become Human



Markus is the leader of the deviant rebellion, but his origins in the game start out humble. He’s caring for an elderly artist, who instils a sense of right and wrong in him from the beginning of his life.

However, something dark happens to Markus, and he decides to lead a revolution in order to secure android rights. You can decide whether to lead a rebellion, a peaceful protest, or turn against your fellow androids and be excluded from Jerhico, the android haven where deviants can gather.

Markus is great to play, and when I had my first playthrough I was actually torn about whether to make him angry or peaceful. There are so many things in the narrative that made me angry for Markus, and in the end I led a revolt against the humans. I think my next playthrough will be peaceful.



Kara is a cutie in this game. She’s an android hired to take care of a young girl and her father. When things take a turn for the worst, Kara is put in a position to protect the child at all costs and turn deviant.

On the run, Kara and the child (Alice) make plans to run to Canada, where there are no android laws. When playing through, you must make the best choices in order to ensure their survival. There are some pretty anxiety inducing scenes in this game for Kara and Alice, but I’ll let you play through these for yourself.



Connor is my favourite character to play in this game. Yes okay he’s attractive, but I actually felt torn when I was playing him. His narrative is very much focused on either following the mission, or turning against your software. There are points in this game where you’re forced to make choices you would rather not make – and you can disappoint other characters. At first, I wanted Connor to stick to his missions, to stay a machine. But in the end, I had no choice but to turn him deviant and let him join the revolution. I haven’t played through other timelines with Connor yet, so I’m excited to see what happens when you keep Connor as a machine.



I love Chloe. Although you don’t get to play as her in the game, she’s with you on your homescreen, and comments on your gameplay. Before the game was released, PS4 released a short on Chloe which I really enjoyed. Fun fact, once you have played through the game, Chloe will turn deviant, and you can choose to set her free or keep her on your screen. I chose to set her free, but I missed her on my homescreen. In a recent update for the game, you are offered a new Chloe which is pretty cool.

Chloe also turns up later on the in the game, where you will have to choose whether to kill her, or keep her alive.



Luther is an android that you’re introduced to around the halfway point in the narrative. You don’t acitvely get to play Luther ( I don’t think ), but he is an important part of the Kara playthrough and there are multiple parts through the gameplay where you can save him, or sacrifice him, depending on your preference.

There are a lot more side characters in this game I could mention, but these are the standout characters for sure. There are some in Jericho I could mention, but I’ll let you find out about these characters for yourself if you choose to play this game.

RA9 – Spoilers

RA9 is something that features heavily throughout this game, and it’s a major concept. From the start, we’re made to think that ra9 is Markus, and that he is the saviour of the androids. However, theories are now cropping up about the true meaning of RA9. A reddit user recently noted the use of ra9 on the Japanese disc version of Detroit: Become Human, and it’s raised some questions. Are we Ra9? Are we the saviours who can help the androids? Or is ra9 simply a virus inplanted by Kamski? I would love to know your thoughts if you’re currently playing this game.


I really like this game, it makes you question motives, emotionally invest and actually think about the outcomes you can produce. It’s something I’ve never seen before and I defintiely recommend it to anything thinking of buying it. The only thing I would say is that although the graphics are amazing, the controls can seem a bit slow on the characters, and while the game is exquistite, 10 hours of gameplay just seems too short. Although I guess it can be argued that with mutliple endings, the hours of this game are infinite.



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