Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Film Review

So, uh, I cried at this film. If you’ve already seen this, then you might know exactly which scene I’m talking about. I literally had to stifle sobs it was that grim. But anyway, before I spoil anything let me start by saying that this review will actually feature spoilers for once, so if you haven’t seen the film (or guessed what happens from the feature-length trailer) then stop reading here.

I’ve seen some bad reviews of this film so far, and I actually don’t think it deserves such bad credit. The franchise expands beyond Isla Nublar, which is exactly what it needed to do. There was no way the franchise could continue rebuilding Jurassic Park only to have dinosaurs destroy it all over again. This film brings social politics into play, dino rights and more, which is actually something I really liked about this film.

Fan Service

One thing I quite liked was that the Ian Malcolm wasn’t overused throughout the narrative. Although he featured heavily in the trailers, his screen time was shortened to the courtroom, within which he is being questioned about the dinosaurs, and whether they should be left to die on Isla Nublar once it erupts. Oh, yeah, in case you didn’t know, Isla Nublar is an active volcano, because of course it is.

Conservation & Dino Rights

From the start of this film, we’re offered the ultimate question: “Do we save the dinosaurs, or let them die on the island?”. Of course, if we liberate them, where do they live? They can’t roam free, we can’t create a park for them (we know how that turns out) so what can we do? Well, this is where the co-founder of the original park comes in. Benjamin Lockwood helped John Hammond create the original park all those years ago, and now he plans on helping the animals left on the island. His plan is to seclude the dinosaurs on a remote island and leave them be. Which I was all down for by the way. Of course, his assistant had to ruin this plan and decided to sell all of the most dangerous dinos off the highest bidder.

The Ultimate Decision

Near the conclusion of the film, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have the decision to kill all of the dinosaurs saved from the island or release them into the world. Their world. Ultimately the decision is made by the cloned daughter of Benjamin Lockwood. The co-creator of the original park had his daughter cloned, and she is the one to release the dinos into the wild, stating “they’re alive, like me”. I liked this line because it shows how far we could go scientifically. Where does science end and humanity begin? It’s a blurred line, but I hope it’s explored in the next film. This film ends by perfectly setting up another, and I’m super excited to see where they take it.


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