Film Review: Deadpool 2

I am completely late to the party. But I’m going to review this anyway! I’ve fallen so far behind with heading to the cinema lately so my reviews will be in drips over the next few weeks, I hope you enjoy them anyway…Tonight I’m finally going to watch Solo as well which I’m super excited about.

I really enjoyed this movie. Obviously, the main thing you need to do is not to take it so seriously. If you walk into this film and try and analyse it the way you do the Avengers or other Marvel films you might be disappointed. But if you walk into this and take it at face value, or as just a film taking digs at itself and other Marvel movies, I think you’ll enjoy it.

The plot is good. The basic plot is that a badass (Cable) from the future has come back in time to stop Firefist as a young child. Firefist has yet to become the big bad baddie of the future, and Deadpool seeks to save his soul before he can turn into the fire raging monster that killed Cable’s family.

On top of this is a lot of other things, which I won’t spoil, but they’re good fun. Add time travel into the mix and you have yourself a pretty funny movie. As with the first Deadpool movie, there was a lot of anticipation about this film. We were expecting the laughs, the dark humour and gore, and it’s exactly what we got. Did we need to see Ryan Renoylds with baby legs/baby penis? No, but did we get it? Yes.

My favourite line in this whole movie comes from Firefist – “When was the last time you saw a plus-sized superhero” – because it’s true and also Firefist is actually really funny in his own right in this sequel.

Throw in an A-lister cameo and you have a great movie. I’d recommend watching this film before it leaves cinemas next week – especially if you’re after a good laugh!



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