Netflix’s Safe will have you on the edge of your seat…

With an influx of new shows on Netflix this month, don’t let Safe slip through the cracks. This modern-day Agatha Christie-esque thriller will have you wanting more, and it’s all thanks to the enticing plot.

It’s unlike something I’ve seen before, and I really can’t tell the direction it’s going in at any one time. I’ve never been a fan of detective shows, unlike my mum and sister,  but I’m really into this show. I mean, yes it may have something to do with 2 of my childhood crushes taking the lead roles (Marc Warren, Michael C Hall) but I’ll never tell…


The dynamic of this show is really cool and is set around the characters based in a small community somewhere in England. Filmed in Manchester, the show revolves around the murder of a young man and his missing girlfriend, whose father is desperately trying to find her.

With twists and turns around every corner, this show really does keep you on your toes. I still have 3 episodes left to watch of this show, which I’ll hopefully binge over this weekend in bed, and I can honestly say that I still have no idea what’s going on.

Of course, it isn’t a perfect tv show, there are some dips that slow down the general storyline, but I imagine they’re there to prolong the 45-minute episodes. For example, there are scenes between certain characters that could have been cut shorter, or made a bit more exciting – but again there is a quirk about these scenes. It reflects a very normal aspect of everyday life and makes the verisimilitude of the show even better.

If you get a chance to watch Safe this bank holiday, do so. It’s a great show to marathon in bed and will have you in detective mode in no time.

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