The Rain Review: Netflix on Top Form Again

It took me exactly 3 days to finish this series, and I’m super impressed. Now, just a little warning – this post will contain potential spoilers, and if you plan on watching this show, I beg you, watch it with the subtitles. The dubbed version is absolutely awful, and you should turn the subtitles on immediately.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to it. This show has everything I like in a tv series, the suspense, the mystery, the alienation, the unknown and all that jazz. We meet our titular characters on the brink of a virus outbreak. Rasmus and Simone have been pulled from school by their father, who takes them immediately to a bunker in the middle of a forest, just outside of a city centre. With food to last them years and a place to shelter from the virus, the children see their first glimpse into their father’s work – only later will they realise that he had his hand in releasing the virus in the first place…

What is this virus, you ask? It’s one of the most deadly and infectious diseases known to man, and it’s carried in the rain. Yep, that’s right, a light drizzle could have you coughing your insides out, and it doesn’t end there. Not only are all animals immune, but they carry the virus – so avoid petting any stray dogs and cats!

When their father suddenly leaves the bunker unexpectedly, he tells his children that he will be back soon. He also takes Simone to one side, and cryptically tells her that her brother is the key to everything. 6 years go by, and their father never makes his return. Now Simone and Rasmus must leave the bunker, having no food left, and find their father.

It isn’t long before they find a group of survivors. Martin (swoon) is the leader and manly AF. Together, the group must avoid the rain, steer clear of wild animals, and most importantly, the threat of other humans desperate for food and water.

If you’ve seen this show, what did you think? I’m really hoping that it gets renewed for a second season. The friendships, relationships and general interaction between the characters comes across as so genuine and sincere that I’m really rooting for the group and for all of them to survive.


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