5 TV Shows to Marathon This Bank Holiday

Lost in Space

You may have heard all about how hot the Lost in Space Robot is, and here is your chance to find out for yourself. Based 30 years in the future, this Netflix reboot sees the Robinson family on a journey to colonise a new world. On route to a new planet, the family’s ship is thrown off course, planting them in a hostile alien territory. Lost in space  (wahey), the family must form new alliances with species unknown to survive…

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

Content Warning: Suicide, Bullying, Isolation

Now, this isn’t a very cheery watch – but it is quite poignant. And with a second season due for release this year, it’s the perfect weekend to marathon watch 13 Reasons Why. The narrative follows a group of teens who have each contributed to the suicide of Katherine Langford. The season is 13 episodes long, with every chapter playing out in the form of a cassette tape, each addressing a “reason” for her death. This show has come under fire in the past, but it does raise the issue of teen suicide and depression – which is ever present.



If you love a good 90’s/00’s teen drama (think Scream, She’s All That) then you’ll love Riverdale. The thing with this show is to not take it too seriously. It’s definitely a feel-good watch, and with some twists and turns, but for the majority of the time it’s a good one to marathon over a few days. The show is based in the town of Riverdale and follows a group of school children who face murder, scandal, mafia mobs and more.

The Rain


Released this week, The Rain is the new show on the block, and follows siblings as they emerge from a bunker 6 years after a virus has wiped out almost everyone in Scandinavia. Not much else is known about this new Netflix yarn, but early reviews peg it as a winner.

Carried in the rain, the group must avoid the virus at all costs and find signs of life wherever they can.

Altered Carbon


I really like Altered Carbon. It’s futuristic, witty, weird and wonderful all in one. Much like Westworld, it’s a slight head fuck, but once you have your head around the basics – you’ll really enjoy this show.

Based about 300 years in the future, Altered Carbon is based in a world that operates in “sleeves” – genetically modified bodies that can host almost anyone with a stack (something which holds your soul/traits/personality). Still with me?

The narrative is a rollercoaster, and it’s something you should definitely see for yourself – so why not settle in for a marathon this weekend?

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