Film Review: A Quiet Place

This week I had the absolute pleasure of watching A Quiet Place. Now, before I get into the film itself, let me talk about the experience. For once, I didn’t want to punch someone from munching on their popcorn throughout the film. The forced silence that this film puts on the audience really is eery, and it made both me and my boyfriend put the popcorn down in order to watch it.

From the outset, the audience is welcomed to an astonishing silence. We’re introduced to the family in which the narrative revolves around, and right away we can tell something is wrong…

No-one is talking.

Everyone is barefoot, and there is no-one else to be seen. This is odd, considering the family are tiptoeing around a supermarket. From here (no spoilers) we’re swiftly introduced to the reason behind their silence. Some visual clues (such as newspapers floating around) tell us that it’s sound that attracts these creatures, but other than that the audience is completely left in the dark about their backstory throughout the film.

With intense moments throughout, it has a mix of jump scares, tension, anxiety-inducing moments and so much more. This film has really embraced the horror genre, and I applaud that so much. It really is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I really hope that films in this genre continue to impress me.

If you’re not a fan of horror films, then definitely avoid this one. But, if you’re into films that cause tension and seek to scare you, then I 100% suggest you watch this in the cinema. For me, the atmosphere of being in a dark quiet room enhanced this film a lot for me, and by the stunned silence of the audience, I think they felt it too.


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