Film Review: Lady Bird

Okay, so let’s talk about Lady Bird. I’ll admit that I’m late to the party on this one, I managed to watch this last week, and I really liked it. The film is less of a film and more of a commentary and analogy of what growing up can really mean, which I think really worked. Saoirse Ronan plays Lady Bird really well, and by that I mean she plays a genuine teenage girl really well. Lady Bird is the teenager we all have in us, the angst, the sense of style, the out there attitude, and I think that’s why I really enjoyed watching the film in general. Saoirse’s portrayal of the character is so believable that you genuinely become attached to her in a way, and I love it when films do that.


I love even more that Saoirse’s acne was visible throughout the film. It promotes the fact that acne is just a part of growing up, and that it’s nothing to be worried or ashamed about.

Another thing I really liked about this film is the mother/daughter relationship that Lady Bird has with her mother. It’s tumultuous, angry, but caring and loving all at the same time. It’s an accurate depiction of what this relationship can be in the real world, and I really like that – it’s not fake either. I could honestly see these two being mother and daughter in real life.

Spoilers ahead…

Filmed in a way that makes you want to live in Sacramento, the cinematography shows off the location really well and gives the whole movie a rustic/indie feel.  In terms of plot, we follow Lady Bird as she tries to escape her small town life for the big city – however, we as the audience get to see the other side of this dream: The money, the relationships it costs her, and eventually her family. By the end of the film, it seems as though Lady Bird has broken her relationship with her mother by moving away in order to go to college. However, the film is left open-ended with a beautiful scene in which Lady Bird has left a message for her mother on the phone, talking about her new found love for her hometown, and how much she loves her. There’s a beautiful transition scene between her driving alongside her mother here as well. It’s my favourite part of the entire film and well worth the watch if you have the time! Lady Bird is still available in UK cinemas.


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