Altered Carbon: Mind-Bending Sci-Fi

I’ll aim to make this as spoiler-free as possible. Mostly because I haven’t finished the show yet…But also because I know a lot of people who are still unsure about whether to watch this show. Personally, I really like it. I mean, yes I’m attracted to Joel Kinnaman, but putting that aside it’s really well thought out. And here’s why:


The plot finds itself around 300 years in the future. Technology has taken over, people crowd the streets, and you could live forever if you wanted to. It seems the human race has been able to transfer consciousness from one human body to another through “stacks”. Stacks are small circular devices that store who you are; your personality, your memories, and everything that makes you, you. If you’re injured, near death, or just fancy a change, you can change your body, called “sleeves”, at will (considering you have the money). Still with me? Add on top of this the story of Takeshi Kovacs and a murder mystery, and you have yourself a plot. Takeshi has been brought back to life after years of sleep in a prison cell, only to be enlisted in the case of a murder. Who hired him? Well, the guy who was murdered, of course.

It sounds weird and wonderful, but give this Netflix Original a chance, you might find yourself glued to the tv like me and my boyfriend.

Characters / Actors

Not only is the cast diverse, but each character has an arc that you can get behind. Kovacs, the protagonist – seems like a mystery at first. The more you get to know his character, the more you warm to him. He’s a badass with good hair, a trait I can always get behind.

As well as Kovacs, you have Kristin Ortega, a Spanish cop with a troubled past. She may be tiny, but she’s fierce.


I love the way this TV show is filmed. With a Blade Runner vibe and a great soundtrack, it’s hard not to love what the directors did here. You see a mix of cultures, a glance into what technology could be in the future, and a mix of actors on the screen.

I give Altered Carbon…




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