UK Film Releases: February 2018

With January coming to an end (finally), let’s take a look at the most anticipated films due for release in February 2018…

Maze Runner: Cure for Death

Release Date: 26th of JanĀ 

I thought I’d add in this film, even though it’s technically a January release, because the franchise as a whole is really well liked. After seeing the first two films, I can kind of understand why. I’m not in love with the franchise, but it would be good to see how it all ends. For me, it’s another Hunger Games. Great to begin with, but slowly lost my interest… The finale is set to see the Maze Runner group on their final mission through a labyrinth city in order to save the world.

Den of Thieves

Release Date: 2nd of Feb

Filled with some big names, I’ve seen a lot of talk on Den of Thieves. A gritty action/crime film, Den of Thieves will see a team of outlaws plan their biggest heist yet.

Fifty Shades Freed

Release Date: 9th of Feb

The Fifty Shades saga will end in February, but will Christian and Ana finally live happily ever after? The trailer suggests otherwise… Despite what all you losers may think, I really like this franchise. It touches on the subject of BDSM and it does so in a way that managed to penetrate (excuse the pun) the mainstream film industry. I’m not sure it shows BDSM in such a great light, but it’s a start at least. Much like Twilight, it is a guilty pleasure, which is probably why it has actually done so well…

Black Panther

Release Date: 13th of FebĀ 

One of the first big Marvel films of the year, Black Panther, will continue on from Captain America: Civil War in order to show us more about the secretive T’Challa. After the death of his father, T’Challa is set to take on the role of Black Panther as well as King. I’m really excited to see this, and it’s about time we had an African American Superhero!

The Shape of Water

Release Date: 14th of Feb

The Shape of Water looks like a really beautiful film and touches upon that great Guillermo Tel Toro vibe that you see in so many of his films. The premise follows a unique Janitor and her love story with an amphibious creature in a secret 1905’s lab. I’m really excited to see this film, and I might even drag my boyfriend to watch it with me on Valentines evening.

Lady Bird

Release Date: 16th of Feb

I’ve heard so much about Lady Bird from my favourite bloggers and writers on Twitter. And, after seeing the trailer, I’m quite excited to see it! Directed by Greta Gerwig, the films follows “Lady Bird” and her relationship with her mother and her troublesome experience growing up.

I, Tonya

Release Date: 23rd of Feb

I, Tonya, follows the story of Tonya Harding’s professional (and personal) life, back when she was competing in the US Figure Skating Championships. With a kickass soundtrack and great acting from Margot Robbie, I’m expecting big things from this film.

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