Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

I don’t know where to begin with this game. I love it so much that when I completed it I immediately bought The Frozen Wilds DLC, which I’ve just started!

This open-world RPG is beautifully set out, steady paced and offers so much interaction that you don’t know where to begin. The game places you hundreds of years after the fall of humanity. The human race has begun again, starting up in primitive tribes and empires. You play as Aloy, a Nora outcast who has been shunned by the tribe. Her crime? She has no mother. Appearing one day in front of an ancient mechanical door, the tribe gave Aloy to another outcast to look after and raise. On the age of her 18th birthday, Aloy is given the chance to rejoin the tribe, and ask the elders the ultimate question…”Where am I from?”. This question links the entire narrative of this game, and it’s a real beauty to play.

The world is delicately designed without flaw and has some of the most breathtaking gameplay I’ve come across. It puts games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition to shame, and that’s saying a lot.

Aloy is given the role of Seeker for the tribe, and, on a mission, she uncovers the truth about humanity’s history and just how much sacrifice was made in order to keep humans on the earth. How exactly did robots end up taking over the planet? And is there more to it than that? Spoilers ahead…

Personally, I was thrown into the history of this game. I read every data point and listened to every audio clip I came across in order to piece together the truth about Aloy’s ancestry. And, although I could guess the plot to a certain extent, I was still blown away by the big reveal and by the intricacies put into the character development of not only main characters but secondary.

I loved the idea of GAIA and the secondary AI, it just seemed to make sense, and there is a lot more to be explored, which is why I’m hoping that this game gets a sequel. I’d love to know about the mystery signal that awakened Hades. Personally, I have an inkling that the Odyssey was involved. A spaceship carrying one of the Apollo AI systems and hundreds of zygotes? I’m not sure, I feel like they could revisit this in the second game, it would be so cool to bring the space element into play.

If you have a PS4, I highly recommend this game. It’s just brilliant!


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