The Most Anticipated Games of 2018

With a new year comes a new range of games for us to drool over. Of course, I probably won’t be able to afford half of these games… But it’s nice to explore what they’re about! 2018 seems like a great year for gaming, and these games look absolutely amazing…

Far Cry 5

The fifth instalment of the Far Cry franchise is currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal and is set for release early 2018. The game itself is based in the fictional Hope County, Montana. A preacher, named Joseph Seed believes that he has been chosen to protect the people, and has entranced the local people. In reality, Seed is running a Doomsday Cult, whose members use violence to convert the people of Hope County to join them. You, the player, are the sheriff’s deputy, who is on a mission to arrest Seed and bring peace back to the county.

Similar to the first 4 games in the franchise, Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter games in an open world. The theme? Action adventure, and lots of it. This game also lets you customize your character, unlike previous games, and lets you “recruit” county members into helping you.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 looks INSANE. From the creators of The Grand Theft Auto, RDR2 dropped its second trailer a few weeks back, and so far it has people worked up beyond belief.

In the first game, you played John Marston, a bad guy on the hunt to do right by his family. In this prequel, you play Arthur Morgan, an outlaw by all counts of the word. With no mercy in his body, he’s wanted in three states and looks bad to the bone. I can’t help but imagine a Trevor like-character from GTA, and I think it could really work for the franchise. RDR2 is due for release at some time during 2018, I’m unsure of a specific date, but I’m excited none the less!


In production by Insomniac Games, Spider-Man has quite excited gamers so far and is due for release at some point in 2018. Available to play on PS4, the game will tell an entirely new story based on a 23-year-old Peter Parker. Set in an open world NYC and played via a third person perspective.

Interning at a lab whilst studying, Peter has been Spider-Man for eight years and has settled quite well into his role as the superhero of NYC. After defeating Wilson Fisk quite early on in the game, Spider-Man must then face the Inner Demons, who are determined to ruin the city.

The trailer for this film really does look great, and I have high hopes for it! I just hope it doesn’t flop like so many Spider-Man games before it…

The Last of Us Part II

In development since 2014, The Last of Us Part II will see Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson reprise their roles as Joel and Ellie for another action-packed game for us to sink our teeth into. The game was announced in 2016 and will carry on from the first game 5 years later. The second trailer, released the day before Halloween this year, introduced us to 4 new characters in the franchise, who according to the game creators, will be integral to Ellie and Joel. Unsettlingly, the creators have also stated that this game will be centred around hate, in contrast to the aspects of family love in the first film. Personally, I have this horrible feeling that Joel is going to die at the beginning of this game and appear to Ellie as a figment of her imagination. I really hope this isn’t true – but from the first trailer, it’s just the vibes I’m getting.

God of War

Also known as God of War 4, the latest game in the God of War franchise is shaping up to be a good one. In development by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony, the game is due for release in early 2018. It’s thought that the gameplay in this incarnation will be much different to that of earlier versions, specifically the game is said to be host to a lot more RPG. It’s also been noted that Kratos will no longer wield his double-chained blades, and opt for a battle axe. Nice.

Throughout the game, players will play at Kratos, with the chance to play as his son in minor parts to ensure a progression in gameplay. The plot will centre itself years after Kratos took his revenge on the Olympian Gods. We find Kratos living with his son, teaching him how to survive in the wild whilst trying to control the rage, of which he embraced years ago.

Kingdom Hearts III

One game I’m majorly excited for next year is Kingdom Hearts III. The 12th instalment in the series, and will be the final chapter in the Dark Seeker Saga. This game will be set after the events in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – with Sora returning as the protagonist, along with King Mickey, Goofy and Riku.

The gameplay is said to be similar to previous games in the franchise, specifically that of Kingdom Hearts II, and the gamescape will feature worlds such as Corona (from Tangled), San Fransokyo (from Big Hero 6) and a Toy Story themed world. Worlds from previous games will also be returning (amazing!).

Metal Gear Survive

With an open world setting, Metal Gear Survive wasn’t originally received well by fans. With fears that the game is too generic and mainstream, I was cautious to add this to the list. But, have a little faith! It just be a great game at the end of the day.

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